When you work with a database-driven script application for your site, all of the content that you or the site users add, will be saved in cells and tables within a database, not as ordinary text in the application files. In comparison, HTML sites are static and all of the content on such a website is a part of the actual HTML files. A web-based store app, for example, takes all the prices, items, user reviews, and many others, from its database and this is valid for any other script that allows you to build a dynamic site. The more the content you add, the larger the database will get, so if you use a script-driven website, you should make sure that your website hosting package includes adequate database storage space. The latter applies no matter what type of databases you employ - for example MySQL or PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Shared Web Hosting

Several of the shared web hosting that we offer are excellent for hosting sites that use a PostgreSQL database to operate as they come with unrestricted database storage space. Using any of these packages, you can install and run any kind of PostgreSQL-driven script app and enjoy an efficient and dependable web hosting service. We are able to offer unlimited database storage space as we do not run everything on the same server. Alternatively, all PostgreSQL databases are handled by a different cluster, that is part of our tailor-made cloud website hosting platform, so that we can always put additional hard disks or whole servers to the cluster when required. With our shared hosting services, you won't ever have to worry that the growth of your sites is reduced because of the lack of space for your databases.